Thursday, 9 August 2012

Should You Be Afraid Of Using The Ex2 System?

By Erick M Hastings

Are you thinking of trying Matt Huston's Ex2 System? Are you frustrated with your own attempts to get your girlfriend back and you're thinking that the Ex2 System might be worth taking a look at? But, does it really work or is it just another pile of rubbish that you're going to regret that you picked up? Are the methods inside the Ex2 System really unique and is it anything that you can actually do? After all, you don't want to make things worse.

Look, I know that you really do care about your girlfriend and you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot when the moment of truth comes to get your girlfriend back. I've been there. I've been in your exact same position. I almost lost the woman of my dreams and I did pick up Matt Huston's Ex2 System because nothing I was doing was working. For me, it was a last ditch effort to get her back. She was with someone else and I knew I had to act fast. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I gave the Ex2 System a shot and I'm glad that I did. But you have to make that decision for yourself.

When I had to get my girl back and the chips were down I still worried that the Ex2 System was going to make things worse. My girlfriend was and is important to me and I wanted to be sure that I didn't put that final nail in the coffin of our relationship. But if Matt Huston's book and all the feedback that I found about his methods said that they could help me then I was going to try it. It took a tremendous amount of trust to actually follow through and go against what I thought was the right thing to do but I did it anyhow because I had to. I wasn't sure if my ex would see through my plan or not and I didn't care. I just hoped that these methods were powerful enough to pull her away from the other guy that she had started seeing and they were.

The Ex2 System is based upon you doing things and saying things that are designed to push your ex's emotional hot buttons. I really do think that even if she was given a copy of this book and told what I was doing it wouldn't have made much of a difference. It was like telling her not to buy a pair of shoes worth two hundred dollars when they were on sale for twenty-five bucks. She was helpless but to react because it is a part of what makes her a woman to react to these psychological triggers in such a way. All you have to do is follow the step by step plan and do exactly what it says without deviating. While it was tempting at times to want to go back to being the guy that I once was and doing what I had been doing to try to win her over, I resisted that temptation and you should too.

If you think that you might feel bad about using the Ex2 System to get your ex back, I understand that too. I know that I'm not much of a player and I always prided myself on the fact that I'm basically an honest guy. I didn't need a book or some lame pickup lines to get my girlfriend in the first place. Why would I need a method or plan to win her back? I had my back up against a wall though. Every day she grew more distant and there was also another guy in the picture. I knew that it was either follow the Ex2 System or watch her drive off with that other guy.

I used to think that I could do it all on my own. I was never one much for reading relationship books or even talking about my feelings but I could see that what I was doing wasn't working. I needed some professional advice and therapists and counselors just wanted to tell me to move on with my life and get over the breakup so I turned to the Ex2 System. The logic that made sense to me was that if I wanted to fix something I would look for advice or a book on the subject. If I didn't know how to do it myself and if it was important to me I would seek out the best advice that I could find that others said worked for them. My relationship was just too important to leave up to my own fumbling around for a solution so I broke down and picked up the Ex2 System.

There really is no shame in reading a book to get the relationship that you want. Women do it all the time and every womens magazine is filled with relationship advice and television shows cater to women seeking such advice. Why not use the same methods to get your girlfriend back? There is almost an honor is putting forth that kind of effort to understand your girlfriend and start doing the things that will bring her back to you so you can have the kind of relationship that she really wants. You might not want to offer up the knowledge that you used a book that focused on using female emotional hot buttons to make her feel something again but your intentions are true and your motives are pure. You want her to be happy and you want to love her again and the Ex2 System gives you the tools to get that.

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