Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Art And Entertainment Helping A Country To Grow

By Shari Swanson

Art an entertainment has helped to grow Jamaica mainly due to its long coastline that attracts tourists. It has a very large harbor used to ship in and out goods and passenger ships also dock with tourists. Due to its diverse climate a variety of wild animals and plants survive in these islands attracting both domestic and international tourists and many documentaries have been shot to showing the landscape and animals.

The main tourist attraction spots vary from mountains, beaches, thick forests that are home to different types of animals and indigenous plants. Others include rivers, cliffs and the Jamaican culture that is borrowed mostly from the African way of life.

In jungles there is a variety of animals some found only in Jamaica and nowhere else. These animals range from land mammals to aquatic animals which include bats, wild boars, crocodiles, Asian mongoose, turtles and a wide variety of birds. Some of these animals are found in zoos whereas others are in the jungles.

The islands culture also attracts guests. Music genres like reggae, ska and dub have been used to sell the culture of Jamaicans globally. The music is predominantly from the Caribbean and the artists perform in almost all parts of the world.

Famous movie stars like James Bond have their movie setting based in Jamaica which includes Live and Let Die. Authors of big selling novels used the island as a setting for his work. The movies range from action to comedies.

Art and entertainment has been promoted by the tropical climate of Jamaica which allows the growth of a variety of plants and survival of animals. This has led to the shooting of several documentaries about the animals and plants. The climate has supported animal species that cannot be found anywhere in the world

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