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Top Info About Hmong Earrings

By Stacey Massey

Hmong earrings are a unique form of tribal fashion jewelry. Wearing these provides a fusion of traditional Asian designs with contemporary fashion. Bold, clean lines and geometric designs typify this jewelry along with hand-crafted quality.

An ancient tribe, the Hmong originally settled in South China near the Yellow River. As the Chinese moved south, these people were pushed out. They re-settled in the mountains of Laos and Thailand where they set up independent communities to preserve their unique way of life.

Many of them are skillful craftsman and their embroidery and textile weaving is well known. There are also many excellent silversmiths among them. The Hmong believe that silver has supernatural powers and can ensure happiness as well as keep away evil spirits.

A family household measures its wealth in the number of silver objects they possess. Both men and women can be seen wearing silver jewelry, especially on festive occasions. For the extensive New Year celebrations, large purchases of silver are made and old pieces are repaired or new ones are made.

Earrings made in this tribal style offer a unique fashion statement. Not only are they handcrafted and delicately engraved but they also have a high silver content. Traditional motifs and designs form the backbone of this craft and are also adhered to.

There are a number of outstanding designs available for purchase. Especially attractive is a swirled circle model that has slender dangling rods. It is made of high content silver; the weight is twenty grams. It measures a fashionable seven centimeters in length and is three centimeters wide.

A striking design in flat silver with a triangle shape is finely incised with a floral design. Each triangle has ten thin silver bars attached to the base. Made of pure silver, it weighs 4.5 grams and measures 5.5 centimeters in length.

Especially eye-catching is the crescent-shaped design. It has curved end pieces that easily slip into pierced ears and lock behind the ear lobe. These are fashionably large dangles with a distinct tribal geometric pattern. Each one weighs 22 grams and has a length of 5.5 centimeters

There are different qualities on the market today which is good to be aware of when shopping. Originally, ethnic silversmiths used French silver coins and bars to make their jewelry. This resulted in silver ornaments that were beautifully lustrous and pure. These are still available today but have become expensive antiques and collector items.

It is also possible to buy ethnic jewelry made with modern silver which has a lesser degree of luster and tone. Jewelry with tribal designs has become so popular that cheap copy-cat versions are now being mass produced. They are poorly made and are of such lightweight, inferior quality that it is easy to spot them.

Hmong earrings are truly unique ethnic jewelry that provide style and flair. They are handcrafted by dedicated craftsmen who take pride in producing quality products. This traditional jewelry has bold patterns and clean lines that blend well with any fashion outfit.

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