Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Best Romantic Getaways: Napa Wineries

By Philip Vonwrede

Napa City is almost always connected to wine due to Napa Valley. Bordering the city limits of Napa, it didn't deter to the fact that wine production happens outside the city area. In fact, a lot of wine tasting sessions still happen within town with over 20 tasting locations and wine bars to go to and many more are being built to this day. Napa wineries started making wine at around 1800s by John Patchett. He worked closely with Charles Krug in 1858 in a spot nearby the town of Fuller park as is known today. Wine is not unlimited here and the amount of visitors have to be regulated. However, with more and more tasting rooms being built, it is expected to be able to accommodate more people every year.

I really like Stags' leap winery. In 1893, Stag's Leap Winery started wine making on a massive 249 acre of land. It is presently maintained by Foster's group and in 2005, Stag's Leap Winery experienced a major transformation with hiring Robert Brittan. Their trademark wine variety is the Petit Syrah.

I've had many good times at Darioush Winery. Darioush Winery is typically associated with Bordeaux styled wines. It is one of the finest in the Napa region, carefully made with the use of aged techniques that is more labor-intensive, running of micro-vineyard and totally open to modern technology in the wine making process. The winery features the very best quality and refined wines employed by the win-making skills of Steve Devitt. Responsible for the facilitation of the different activities and event at the winery, Darioush Khaledi is in charge. The guest facilities in the vineyard are delightful wherein everyone is assured to have a more personal wine tasting experience.

Domaine Carneros Winery is a first class winery. Located at Carneros, Domaine Carneros Winery expresses the excellence and traditional of wine making in California, as founded by Champagne Taittinger. The winery was established in the year 1987 and since then Domaine Carneros has been considered as a landmark in the region and it is one of Napa wineries with exquisite, vineyard views. The main terrace and chateau at the winery are opened daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm for wine tasting services and visitors can enjoy daily tours at the winery.

Looking for a romantic winery, try Artesa Vineyards & Winery. Sitting on top of the hill, Artesa Vineyards & Winery is considered as the Carneros jewel. It faces some of the best natural architecture in the region and possibly have the best views among other Napa Wineries. One you see the lovely, striking scenic views of the Artesa Vineyards & Winery, it would be clear how it came to be called the jewel of the wine region.

As a Cab wine lover, I always look forward to my Robert Sinskey Winery visits. Managed by Robert Sinskey, Robert Sinskey winery boasts a variety of signature blends in their arsenal: the Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, together with commander Zinskey and Merlot. This wine estate produces top notch excellence and has been received well by wine lovers all around the country.

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