Friday, 21 June 2013

Owning One Of A Kind Jewelry

By Lawanda Burch

Every woman wants to own one of a kind jewelry that no-one else possesses. Many such pieces are being created today by talented designers who have a real passion for their craft. They usually pay great attention to detail and take pride in the quality of their products.

Mass produced items just do not have the same appeal even though they may be more perfect in their uniformity. It is all the minor differences and even slight imperfections that make these pieces distinctive. No piece is ever identical even though it may be made from the same materials. There are always differences even though they may be subtle.

These special pieces often draw attention when they are worn, with people commenting on their distinctiveness. These are not items you can find in any store. They carry with them a cachet and can be used to reinforce a particular sense of style. More expensive items may be selected for making a real statement on special occasions such as an eye-catching pendant but less costly items can add an element of the unusual to even everyday wear.

These items are perfect for giving as gifts. They are much more personal than a gift that is mass produced and can be found in many stores. A selection can be made based on the particular style of the individual. The gift will be treasured because it was chosen with care. It may be something more chunky and ethnic in design, something classic and elegant with pearls or even something more playful. There are styles available to suit every taste.

Increasing numbers of designers are able to support themselves by making a living from the pieces they design and make. Having online websites gives them the opportunity of selling their products to customers worldwide. As long as they offer a reliable service, people are more than willing to pay for the satisfaction of wearing unique pieces.

Today the range of materials being used by designers is extensive. Non precious metals are being more widely used to make products. This means that affordable items are available for people with a limited budget. These materials include glass, wood, stainless steel, plastics and many others too numerous to mention.

Over the past decades, many changes have taken place. Globalization has had an influence on styles and colors. Bold African colors and delicate Asian designs have had an impact. Techniques used have improved with all the technological advancements. Thinking has also changed and designers are using more freedom not only in the materials they are using but in how they combine them.

Another trend is to use found objects like shells, pebbles and feathers and combine them with modern chains and beads. Use of recycled materials is also popular with objects like wire, coins and buttons finding their way into beautiful creations. The vision of the designer is important in bringing elements together in eye-catching ways.

One of a kind jewelry is often created by artists who work from the heart. They are inspired to put together materials and colors in unpredictable ways, creating pieces that are very distinctive in nature. These can be worn with pride and may even be passed down through generations.

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