Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Mayan Riviera Tours Can Take You To An Adventure Of A Lifetime

By Frank D. Gardner

The Mayan Riviera or also called Riviera Maya is in the Yucatan Peninsula's southeastern portion. This region is blessed with tropical climate, crystal clear sea as well as unspoiled beaches. Also, this region is one of the main centers of the ancient Maya civilization. The Mayan Riviera is the best place to be if you are up form some outdoor adventures that will take you the Mayan ruins. Embarking on Riviera Maya tours is among the very best means to experience what this tourist destination provides.

Being a cradle of the Maya civilization, this region holds great historical significance. There are actually loads of remarkable structures not to mention ancient monuments here that have lived through centuries and until now which show the legacy of the ancient people.

Tours to this destination will take you to the ancient city of Tulum which was once a prosperous urban center during the Mayan civilization's peak. This ancient city sits on a cliff and overlooks the Caribbean Sea and it is comprised of a number of Maya structures including a temple enclosed by walls. Tulum is the sole Mayan historical site that provides its tourists the opportunity to swim in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean while seeing the mysterious remains of a long lost civilization.

The guided tour will also take you to Xcaret which is the best eco archaeological park in Mayan Riviera where you can explore Mexico's natural and cultural wealth. This destination allows you to explore many things such as pristine beaches and natural surroundings, rich biodiversity, natural pools, underground rivers, lagoons and enjoy outdoor activities. You can also get to explore the Mayan caves and underground passages. Also, there are many great diving sites which are best for scuba divers and water lovers.

Visitors will likely be given the chance to spend a night in Xaman Ha (fisherman's village) which is thought to be one of the very best holiday destinations in the world because it's surrounded by naturally attractive gardens as well as the azure Caribbean waters. The fact is archaeology is a huge contributor to the tourism of this region. Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum are well known archaeological sites which can be explored in this area and all of them are operated by INAH.

Coba means cloudy waters, referring to the five canals of this region and it is located nearby. It was the Mayans that constructed the canals which served as main irrigation system to support the region's agriculture and until now it remained strong.

One of the must-see places in this region is Sian Ka'an which is a bio reserve. Several of the Mayan archaeological sites are found within this biosphere reserve along with marshes, tropical forests, mangroves and coral reefs.

Your Mayan Riviera exploration will take you to an endless exciting outdoor adventure.

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