Thursday, 20 June 2013

Advantages Of Sun Labs Medium Application

By Haywood Hunter

As it becomes more evident that sun can damage the skin, Sun Labs Medium tanning system can help achieve the perfect natural-looking summer glow. Research is showing more signs of the what the sun can do with prolonged exposure. Alternative methods are becoming more acceptable and used to achieve the look wanted by avid tanners.

There is some uncertainty when it comes to using these products, since past products have left users with an orange tint to their skin. The orange hue is due to pigments used in lotions, leaving the user with a blotchy and unnatural tan. The lotions available to consumers today use a chemical called DHA, this process causes the top layer of the skin to become tan.

Once applied to the skin, there is a nearly instant look of spending the day in the sun, without the harmful effects. In addition to giving your skin a healthy glow, tanning is a great way to cover skin imperfections, blemishes and cellulite. When used in the morning after a shower it will also act as a moisturizer for your skin.

Spending the day in the sun is more about feeling good about the color of your skin at the end of the day at the beach. As the weather changes, it is hard to keep that summer glow alive. Now it is possible with these new products. It can last forever with a lotion that lets you maintain your tan, or even darken it if desired, something impossible otherwise.

Choosing your level of tanning is also available with a variety of lotions. Whether you desire a natural slight glow, or a dark tan that looks like you spent the summer on the beach, or anywhere in between is attainable without the harmful effects and damage that can be done by the sun. With the occurrences of skin cancer on the rise, finding alternative methods of tanning are more popular than ever.

Preparing your skin before you begin to self tan is important, as it allows the lotion to absorb easily into the skin. A moisturizer in the morning after a shower is a popular usage, offering an easy tan with the added benefit of soft skin. It is most helpful to shower before applying the tanning lotion in order to remove dirt or oil that may be on the skin and can hinder the way the product works.

What once was a popular way to achieve a tan, is no longer seen as necessary. Today's tanning lotions are easy to use and dry quickly, leaving no greasy feeling behind. Natural ingredients can improve skin as well as looking like you spent the day in the sun. The benefits of these products are seen more and more in research and everyday use.

Today skin cancer and other harmful effects from the sun is on everyone's minds. The ability to use a product like Sun Labs Medium that will give the same results as a day in sunshine is a worthwhile purchase. A healthy glow without the damaging effects is what is most important now and in years to come.

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