Sunday, 2 June 2013

Looking Fierce And Fashionable With A Python Bag

By Michelle Howe

There are many women who go crazy over the latest python bag or tiger print blouse. Needless to say, the craze over animal prints never really died down. It may be around for a very long time but still many women keep them in their closets and even pass them on to their daughters. The reason for this is very simple, every women just want to exude the confidence and class these bring out.

As a rule, it would be very helpful to wear the prints with neutral colors. Hot colors and animal prints never mix pretty well. The prints already have that strong character and using yet another strong color would make a person look garish. Earth tones on the other hand, tame the look more.

Using animal print accessories are preferable because they are not too loud. If there is a need to match them then the smaller articles work better. They should not go mix and match the big articles for the person would look like she just got freed from the zoo.

Classic cuts and apparel that come in these prints are preferred. The bold cuts will provide too much character in the ensemble that one would already look trashy wearing them. It still helps to choose ones that are simple like a fitted blazer than a furry coat with this print.

It would never be advisable to use that top and bottom animal print ensemble. Even worse, there are people who use two different prints for the day. There is a thin line between classy and going over the top. When people use too much of the prints especially in different tones and shapes, they would never look anywhere close the fashionable lads they wanted to be.

The large and catchy pieces may belong to particular events and not meant for everyday use. Everyone who thinks they could pull off that furry tiger coat on a random day must think twice. It would rather make one like a lost child in one of those costume parties. Large articles are often made for particular occasions only because they are too catchy for daily use.

The one-piece animal print item is often better than having different pieces worn as one. So as not to overwhelm the look, it makes sense to use only the ensembles that look good on their own. It could be a dress or a blouse with catchy print, but maximizing it means using it alone.

Should the clothes look off then there is no sense buying and wearing it. There are many who gets easily swoon by the pictures of model who look effortless on these pieces. They may think that it could look good on them too. The reality though is that there are pieces that never look good on everyone. It matters that they choose the styles that compliment them so they will look nice.

In many instances, confidence tops everything else. No matter how expensive the python bag or the dress is, if a person is not confident then it will still look cheap. For a person to grab the attention of everyone, then she should be confident enough. The best way to embody the fierceness of the print is to feel good about wearing it.

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