Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Multi-Purpose And Trendy Designer Totes

By Lynn Beard

Fashionable bags do more than simply make a statement, and this is probably why they have been around for centuries of fashion history. They make travelling, hanging out or even shopping less of a hassle. This dual role of convenience plus beauty is what has pulled many fashionistas towards designer totes.

This fashionable and functional accessory is also quite functional and can be used to enhance any type of attire. This is true for formal, casual, semi formal and even sports wear. The fact that designers release new designs each year makes them trendy and always on par with current fashion trends.

The material that is used to make a tote is largely dependent on the market and the prevailing trends in the fashion world. The materials that are popularly used are leather and fabric. This variation in material is one aspect of the design process that allows designers to appeal to the different tastes that clients may have.

You can find a tote that works well with a formal dress code. This type of tote is usually smaller than others and tends to have softer colors. This helps the bag to create the perfect look for a serene setting. A formal tote bag does not need to be large as it may detract from the remainder of the attire.

For casual or semi-formal settings, the designers use more vibrant colors to adequately fit the nature of the occasion. These bags tend to be larger in size as it allows users to carry more items as they travel. Imagine, for instance, a quick trip to the supermarket where a few items will be picked up. A large tote may be more practical and comfortable in this situation than a shopping bag and a handbag.

It shouldn't be assumed though, that a tote bag is a woman's accessory. There are some such bags that are created to appeal specifically to men. Men tend to gravitate towards the leather tote bags as they have a more masculine appearance. The design also makes a big difference in the creation of a male tote. One key are of design for the male tote is the strap or the handle, which tends to be longer than female tote bag handles. The longer handle facilitates the male way of carrying the bag which is, slanted across the body.

Buyers can find the designer versions of the bags at many online and physical stores. There are often seasonal sales that offer a wide range of designs at remarkably reasonable prices. Buying these stylish bags while they are on sale allows you to enhance your wardrobe on a budget.

Designer totes clearly represent a fashion trend that will stick around for years to come. Their functional yet flexible nature make them mandatory items in the typical wardrobe of an budding or practicing male or female fashion icon. The fact that they are so easy to source makes in inexcusable to not have one or more among your fashion item bank.

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