Saturday, 29 June 2013

Most Relaxing Vacations: Mendocino Wineries

By Philip Vonwrede

Mendocino Wineries are an appellation which designates wine produced from grapes that are mostly grown in California, Mendocino County. This region is one of the largest in California and enjoys a diverse climate suitable for vineyards growing. The county of Mendocino is a commercial hub in the state when it comes to wine grapes and enjoys two unique climatic zones that are separated by Mendocino range. Mendocino boasts to be among the leading regions for growing wine organically and at least 25% of vineyards in the area re grown organically. Due to the more focus that the county gives on the organic viticulture; Mendocino Wineries have been a great inspiration for journalists who regard it as the organic wine Mecca in California.

Toulouse Vineyard spearhead the movement of ensuring that the best kind of grapes are grown and developed into the finest quality of wine with the use of environmental-friendly practices and techniques. Their ultimate goal is to provide the most excellent blend of Pinot Noir by fortified by the passion and dedication of winemaking. As Maxine and Vern Boltz, the owners, have stated, their experience in managing the vineyard was filled with delightful stimulation as they began from just fruit growers and ended up a part of Mendocino Wineries. They make sure to only release the most polished and perfect wine to their customers which is perfect for their small scale production.

For Pinot Noirs, try Goldeneye Winery. Goldeneye Winery has been forever determined to take the top spot as Pinot Noir wine producers. It can be found along the migration route of the Goldeneye duck and Anderson Valley and has been renowned by wine critics as well as wine lovers all over the world. Some of their wines arte the 2011 Goldeneye Anderson valley Vin Gris, the 2010 Goldeneye Anderson valley Pinot Noir and others.

The most quaint winery I've ever experienced is Husch Vineyards Winery. The family owned Husch Vineyards Winery is rather small but one of the oldest Mendocino Wineries, located in Anderson valley appellation, 2 hours drive from San Francisco in Northern California. Under the direction of Husch family, third generation, the winery now produces 22 unique, different wines and 6 of them enjoy a national wide distribution. Their tasting room also contains other varieties of special wine selections and when it comes to Husch vineyards, quality in wine production is given top priority. With their own managed and maintained vineyards, they are able to offer high quality wine consistently.

Roederer Estate Winery is the place to be for anyone who loves extended car rides watching the scenic vineyards and sipping the tasteful champagne. Visiting this winery is worthy every minute of your precious time and even though the Anderson wine valley is known for having smaller, intimate tasting rooms, Roederer Estate Winery boasts of an expansive wine tasting room where you are assured of a mind blowing experience.

For a great Merlot, try Esterlina Vineyards! Located in Philo, the Esterlina Vineyards & Winery is owned and managed by Eric Sterling and Lynn Krausmann is the top wine maker here. Some of the wine varietals in Mendocino Wineries, precisely Esterlina Vineyards & Winery include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Zinfadel, Pinot Noir and Riesling.

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