Monday, 24 June 2013

Gentle Giant Of The Sea Is Swimming In The Clear Waters Of Isla Mujeres

By Linda Patterson

A sensational picture of a whale shark was taken by a well-known photographer Shawn Heinrichs, in the clear oceans of Isla Mujeres, off Jamaica, Mexico.

Heinrichs, a diver digital photographer of substantial expertise, pointed out "Isla Mujeres is the best area in the entire world to get whale sharks."

The particular whale shark is the largest fish on earth nowadays.

It can grow to fifteen meters. The particular whale shark likes warm surface water. They're seen with schools of trevally and stingray.

The particular Whale Shark has nothing in common with whales besides their size and the fact that they simply take in small plankton that gathers with his mouth open. It usually feeds on the surface or a little below this. This feeds itself through filtering by means of their gills small plankton organisms in the water.

Whale sharks are usually docile and gentle, not scared when they are approached by scuba divers as well as swimmers.

Scuba diving together with whale sharks is an unconventional and remarkable experience.

You simply cannot afford to miss the world's probably the most wonderful chance to see the Whale Sharks. Once summertime comes, you'll find hundreds of them gather in the North of Isla Mujeres.

Normally, they live on its own or perhaps with a pair however not on this island which you could see them in a number of approximately 20. Go through this by having an hour ride on the boat from the Docks of Isla Mujeres to their natural habitat. You will be led to find the Whale Sharks and also experience the spectacular view.

You're then allowed to snorkel as well as go swimming together once they happen to be discovered. There will probably basically be a couple able to undertake it in order to avoid frightening them.

It's also your chance in order to capture their awesome picture as well as spend a good time along with them. There's just the restriction that you neither touch nor feed them. With this action, you will be wearing life jackets for the utmost safety.

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