Monday, 10 June 2013

An Analysis On Quilting Classes

By Liliana Mills

Beauty is the pride of every human being in life. There are a wide variety of beautiful quilted products including bed spreads and table and kitchen mats. This is the process of creating a quilt or the sewing of two or more layers of materials together to make a thicker padded material. An analysis on quilting classes shows that through the skills obtained one can be able to make some forms of earning and improve the standards of living.

The criterion involved is generally time consuming and laborious that can be done as a leisure activity. This is because it involves a lot of sewing to come up with some of the quality patterns. Nevertheless, this process is quit advantageous because it makes some of very quality materials or textile products that can be passed on to future generations.

When hand process is used, one can use three techniques including stab stitching, rocking and loading need. Stab stitching involves a single stitch at a time. The needle is passed down to the bottom of the cloth and up again. The rocking as well involves one hand at the top of the material with the other at the bottom while the loading needle requires that one loads a needle to about four times before it can be pulled through the cloth.

Training on the basic skills of this process might be done through online classes or through enrollment into the training institutes. Some can learn skills involving hand sewing while other may decide to use machines. These machines are quite expensive but by the help of the quilt store one can easily rent. These store as well have other items that are needed in quilting, this are needles threads and the fabric or materials. One can therefore get some of the most recent patters and all that is required to make simple quilts.

A backing material is also desired to make a bottom cover. The three layers are then sewed up using a matching thread. In cases of hand work, quilting frames are used to hold the materials together for easier sewing.

Layering places the top fabric with the pattern, batting layer and the backing layer together. By the aid of a machine or hand the three layers are quilted together. It generally assists in attaching the layers and as well to be able to add beauty to the designed quilt. During this process, air is usually tapped in between the layers making an individual to feel warm and comfortable when using the quilt.

In fact, this process can greatly assist the one learning on how to do it to come up with beautiful designs. These designs may include bed spreads, quality art wall hangings, kitchen mats and even clothing. These varieties of textile product are usually of very high quality that they can last for a very long duration and be passed on to the future generations.

Choosing patterns that one can use is a complicated process that needs assistance. One can therefore look for some of the patters online, in books or from some of the experts in quilting. An analysis on quilting classes gives out facts with regard to the same. It is a process that is time consuming and laborious but end up producing a product that can last for a very long time.

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