Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Purchasing Wholesale Diamonds Is A Worthwhile Endeavor

By Dennis Artling

Numerous shoppers want to acquire precious gems, but discover that they are too expensive. For such individuals, wholesale diamonds are the best alternative. High-quality, certified gems are typically offered by most reputable wholesalers.

The primary difference between a wholesaler and a retailer is the price of the products they sell. Stones of high quality can be purchased from either type of merchant. The lower cost that wholesalers can offer is typically due to the fact that they purchase the stones in bulk. However, in certain instances, wholesale gemstones are not certified.

Buying such gems at a reduced price does not mean one must sacrifice quality. Because of the certification factor mentioned above, if a guarantee is not offered, one should proceed with caution. However, merely because a gem is not certified does not mean its quality is poor.

The gem's shape and number of carats it contains are the first two characteristics the shopper must consider. As one would suspect, personal preference plays a major role in shape selection. This is because the amount of brilliance the stone features depends on its shape. The shopper's budget, of course, will determine the number of carats he or she chooses.

Clarity and color are the other two characteristics one must consider when purchasing gemstones of this type. Colorless diamonds are regarded as the most valuable, but some individuals prefer colored stones. It is possible to buy a diamond in pink, yellow, or blue.

The process of certification involves the individual grading of each gem. Certification may or may not be offered with wholesale diamonds. Consumers who purchase their gems from trustworthy merchants can always acquire an appraisal and certification at a later time. Insurance for the stones is also a wise investment. Regardless of the shopper's personal taste, acquiring such gems for the purpose of making them into jewelry or simply as an investment is a worthwhile activity.

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