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Finding A Brand Outlet In USA

By Bill Courtney

Fossil Outlet Stores is notably an American company which deals in clothing and accessories. Those are the designers and manufacturers of various products, primarily jewelry and watches, in addition they provide wallets, sunglasses, clothing, belts, handbags and shoes at a selection of fossil outlet store locations. The corporation is based in Richardson, Texas, USA. The organization began 26 years ago by two brothers and they kept the specific company for a passing fancy name, that they can had kept for their father's nickname.

There are several brands which are created by Fossil Inc., that include Fossil, Abacus, Relic, Skagen, Zodiac Watches and Michele watch. This company also makes watches or many other popular brands such as Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Adidas, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, DKNY, Burberry, Armani Exchange and Diesel. Founded 26 years ago it turned out originally named Overseas Products International, it was later in 1990 that whenever the business introduced fashion watches that they can introduced the name Fossil. Company was started by two brothers Tom Kartsotis and Kosta Kartsotis. The brothers still own 30% of the company.

Since, those days this company have come a long way. In, 2001 Fossil acquired the famous Swiss brand Zodiac from Genender International for $4.7 million. Zodiac has been operating since 1882 and was acquired as part of the Fossil strategy to establish their presence in the Swiss market. After the acquisition operations of Zodiac got a complete overhaul and their line of watches were designed to give a retro modern look of 1970s. Finally, the company also made a mark in the high-end Swiss watch market, with their acquisition of Michele Watch in 2004.

Skagen Designs Ltd was purchased by Fossil which further enhanced their capability of designing expensive watches. In 2013, company introduced &ldquoFossil Swiss&rdquo watches, that is a trendy and dear line of watches produced in Switzerland. Main operations of the company remain in the united states and they have a powerful presence. The business which began in 1984 in Texas, as it was the house condition of its founders has recently spread across the globe. But they have sufficient outlets in US to cater their potential customers. Some good info about fossil Outlets:

There's a total of 143 fossil Outlet Locations in the usa. These 143 outlets are distributed across in 37 states. The state of hawaii to own most amount of Fossil stores is their home state, Texas with a total of 20 stores. The next one of several most stores is California which has 12 stores and also the third listed is Florida containing 10 stores.Fossil company has grown from designing fashionable but economical watches, to a company providing high-end designer expensive brands in watches. The corporation has recently revenues above billion dollars along with their operations are spread over virtually all of the markets. In addition they manufacture products for several well-known luxury brands. This growth and evolution of this company has happened, because of their capability to design the merchandise, which serve the specific needs from the customers. This is the reason their list of proud owners of Fossil products is increasing every single day.

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