Tuesday, 2 July 2013

An Assessment Of Fun Apps For Iphone

By Freda Watts

Our world has been tumbled and shaken upside down by the evolution of telecommunication devices. Our lifestyles have changed drastically owing to the advancements made in the area of mobile telephony. Individuals now have the freedom to access their bank accounts from their kitchen, pay their utility bills from the comfort of the house and even entertain themselves using the wide range of fun apps for iPhone on their mobile devices.

If you are a cat lover, Talking Tom will certainly add a lot of spice and entertainment in your life. This application features a talking cat that makes funny noises, whistles, cries and rolls around. The application is robustly built and does not crash or hang during play. Since it is primarily built for user interaction, the game features a lot of squeaky, braying and amusing sounds.

The recent Harlem shake mania that caused ripples across the world has now found its way to your phone. The initial YouTube video featured a couple of Australian boys performing a crazily funny dance. The headline act was a guy in a helmet who starts the dance as other lads sit around obliviously. The mobile version gives you and your friends a chance to perform your own rendition of the dance and seamlessly upload it to the internet.

If you have been accused of not having a sense of humor, then it might be time to change that. There is no better way to fight off such accusations than by using ifunny. This is a tool that crawls the internet regularly searching for jokes, memes, videos and trolls. This tool also allows individuals to contribute to the site by adding their own jokes and having them rated by other users.

The apple Appstore is known for its collection of obnoxious items. The jersey shore grenade whistle might possibly be at the top of useless, yet fun items that you can download on your phone. The game has an assortment of popular and not so popular jersey tunes that are played randomly. The amusing thing about this game is that the tunes are played when the user blows an interactive flute on the screen.

If you are among the millions of Drake fans out there, dress up, Drake edition will blow your mind. This is a cool application that lets fans of this sensational hip hop musician dress him up. The tool also offers fashion enthusiasts a free mannequin to try out different designs. The best part is that all this takes place as the user enjoys their favorite play list of music by Drake.

Considering how unstable and volatile relationships can be, a couple of developers have decided to help ladies solve their boyfriend woes. They have developed an application called My virtual boyfriend, that seeks to take over the role of men. Ladies, this application can answer questions that matter to you just how you want them answered. The tool collects user information and creates a database which it uses to answer questions through artificial intelligence.

The online community is composed of millions of creative and innovative users. Fun apps for iPhone are just a slight showcase of the creativity and potential for innovation held by human beings. These games are a good way to pass time and have a good laugh.

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