Saturday, 18 May 2013

Things You Have To Know Before Deciding On Tungsten Jewelry

By Tim Kiv

Tungsten jewelry has become more and more popular over the last few years. This is mainly due to the metals appearance and durability. It is harder than any other metal and cannot be welded or bent like other, softer, metals which are more commonly used for making jewelry. While the element tungsten is a rather soft metal, once it is combined with carbide it becomes incredibly durable and scratch resistant. This new metal is known as Tungsten carbide.

The durability of the metal makes it scratch and dent resistant. This makes it the ideal material for certain pieces of jewelry that will get a lot of day to day wear and tear, such as wedding bands. For those people who work in industries such as construction, they can wear their ring throughout the day without worrying about damaging them.

While choosing your items, finding out what material was used as a binder and finish is the most important question to ask. The most common choice is the nickel finish. This is the one you want to choose. Not only is this material hypoallergenic, it also gives the piece a beautiful finish that will last forever.

A cobalt finish, on the other hand, is more likely to react with the oils on the surface of the skin. This reaction may cause the metal to change color from a beautiful silver, to a tarnished grey color that can be very unappealing. Tungsten jewelry does not generally use this finish, however it's important to double check with the retailer, especially when the price seems to be too good.

Tungsten is commonly used for wedding bands, however there are many other items that can benefit from using a stronger material. Because of its ability to withstand a lot of wear and tear it makes for a great heirloom. It can be passed from generation to generation without being damaged over time like gold or silver tends to be. It also has a low maintenance factor because the original polish will last the lifetime of the item.

While it is generally known for its durability the make up of the metal has a huge effect on this. It is important to find out before the percentage of tungsten is used. If the number is too high the item can become too brittle and break easily. And, if it is too low it will be less resistant to nicks and dents. The ideal percentage is around 85 percent.

If you happen to be purchasing a wedding band, or any other sort of ring, be sure to know the exact size needed before ordering. Because of the strength of the metal, it is virtually impossible to get them re-sized. You should also note that engravings or other markings cannot be used for the same reason.

Once you have decided on the tungsten jewelry you would like, the best option for making your purchase is through an online dealer. These are currently popping up all over the web. These dealers are usually able to offer their stock at a much lower price than retail stores. However it is still important to be sure of the quality of the material you are getting, so do your research first.

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