Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Simplification Of White, Red, Black And Green Turban

By Jennie Sandoval

Turbans are particularly significant with Muslims. The green turban particularly is hailed for all the positive benefits it is associated with. A turban is an extremely long and narrow piece of cloth commonly made from cotton and synthetics. They are normally worn as a customary head gear mostly by the Muslim men.

Men from India, Iran as well as Afghan are known to tie the head gears. As a symbol of obeying Sun nah, this group of people then have a headgear placed on their cap. This is also doing what prophet Muhammad did, thus they are in line with their religion.

There are several ways to tie and their color is varied as well. For example, Sikh men, who do not cut their hair out of respect for God, tie with a peaked angle. This is partially to cover their long hair. The head gear worn by the Muslim religious elders is referred to as a kalansuwa. This style of has several tying methods which can have different shapes and can be several different colors. The most common of these colors is white, as it is believed to be the holiest of colors.

This Lime color headgear is believed to be the paradise symbolic color and the numbers in favor of this is not as much as those in preference of white. The Indians are however a bit unique. They signify class, sometimes profession while on rare occasions do they show the religious affiliation.

The most common colors mentioned by several scholars in a variety of books are black, light yellow and black. Though color is not a major element. There is a little essence attached to it. This is according to different scholars.

The color green when worn by yourself or another person in dreams has several interpretations. Peace, religious attendance or devotion are believed to be present if wearing this particular colored clothing in a dream. If a dead person present in a dream is wearing this avocado-like color, it is believed to be a symbol that their departed soul is well or that they enjoying the fruits of their labor from their life in the afterlife. This color is most often associated with positivity and can also be interpreted to mean compliance to the will of Allah.

Different styles as well as colors reflect an association with different groups. Longer ones are more inclined to formal settings such as weddings, religious programs and so on. They come in a variety of fabric types. These include; Mal mal- a light weight fine fabric, Voile- A lighter fabric, Rubia- medium weight fabric. The styles too do vary. A head covering of more than 10 meters is called a Domalla, for five or six yards it is referred to as Pagri.

Sun ah of Saba h is the term used to refer to the act of wearing the green turban. It is considered as the most favored head gear color to Prophet Allah. In as much as it is religious, its meaning has been eroded in the United states with stereotypes that it is a common appearance with terrorists. Regardless of this believe by the western world, the elimination of these Head cloths is far from over especially with the firm believe that this is a means to get closer to God. Religion being our backbone, the Turban wearers are as equal as those who do not dress up in them .

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