Sunday, 26 May 2013

Enjoy The Hana Road Tour

By Audrey McGuire

One of the most rewarding world adventures is the Hana Road Tour. It offers a buffet of breath taking waterfalls, black-sand beaches and driving challenge on every kilometer. The corners and bridges are a show of engineering excellence which forms part of the sceneries.

The azure ocean lines the left with limpid water pools, natural bamboo forests, taro plants and graceful waterfalls lining up on the right. Bridges with a single lane, linked corners and cliff climbs make the drive exciting all the way. This is a magnificent get away idea with great rewards. It combines serpentine costal life with a tropical jungle.

The stretch is about 84 kilometers beginning at Kahului and stretching all the way to Hana. It will test your driving skills and offer an exciting ride on every kilometer. The few stops you make to avoid driving tiredness are rewarded by breathtaking sceneries and cool trade winds that blow away all the tension. The sunset is amazing on this highway.

What marks the beginning of the journey is the Baldwin Sugar Museum. It is located adjacent to the largest sugar factory in the state of Hawaii. It hosts a resourceful cultural and art center to set the mood. You will enjoy entertainment from locals who have mastered slack key guitar tunes, ballet, taiko drumming as well as hula.

There is a lush 10 ha Garden of Eden arboretum and Botanical Garden that is situated about ten miles from the point of departure. The breathtaking scenes in this park offer a perfect opener for the movie Jurassic Park. Native Hawaiian plants dot every corner of the park with a combination of tropic and pacific rain forest species. Entertainment for the kids includes geese, chicken and ducks that roam all over.

Lower Puohokamoa Falls marks the eleventh kilometer along the highway with alluring swimming pools down the 40 meters fall. Its neighbor is the Puaa Kaa State Park which is 22 miles down the road. It also has swimming pools that are created by the force of the falling water. The trail to these pools is charming and calming with a natural feel.

There is a unique Waianapanapa State Park that measures 49ha. It is lined with black sand beaches and its waters are treacherous. This is not the best point to swim but there are sea caves and rock arches as an alternative. Traces of the old highway can be seen at this point. The water at this point turns blood red on various occasions due to the presence of tiny shrimps.

Wailua Falls and Oheo Gulch are the other stops before your final destination. The fall drops 80 feet blow on a cliff that is covered by vegetation. The gulch is lined with pools that are tempting to adventurous swimmers. These two adventurous areas act as a perfect hemming to your trip.

The Hana Road tour ends at a town with warm and welcoming inhabitants tucked in a forest that neighbors heaven. Perfect timing is in time as the sun dips into the ocean. There are foods, fishing supplies, wines and clothing to relax you as you wide down. The hotels offer excellent services to crown the entire experience.

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